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The Druzy Lotus

Mystery MISFIT Box

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This is a mystery box of MISFITS intuitively chosen by The Druzy Lotus.

A misfit is a beautifully imperfect piece that may contain chips, discoloration, scratches, oddly cut or repaired by the manufacturer. 

These boxes are not pre-made. I will be picking each piece specifically for you. Some requests may not be possible due to availability but I will try my best to make it perfect for you. Due to these being imperfect pieces, the items in your mystery box will always retail much greater than what you the price you are paying.


Personalization: In the "Tell Me All The Things" box, please give me any information needed to make this box catered to you as best as I can. I will always do my best to accommodate any request. Please write your crystal likes, dislikes, what you would like to see in your box, what you would not like to see in your box. Specimens or polished pieces? Carvings you like or no carvings at all?

Size Details:

Small Box- In this box you could receive items such as tumbles, small carvings, small specimens/raw pieces, small towers/spheres etc....

Medium Box- In this box you could receive items that you would receive in a small box and also medium size towers and spheres, carvings, larger raw pieces, etc...

Large Box- In this box you could receive items that you would receive in the smaller boxes but larger in size.